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Amphibians of India
India—a megabiodiverse country—is host to a spectacular number of amphibians, many of them endemic. Amphibian […]
Bihu Bird Count
Bihu Bird Count is a citizen science project hosted under Assam Bird Monitoring Network, in association with […]
Biodiversity Atlas – India
Biodiversity Atlas – India provides a powerful natural history web-platform for taxon-specific, species-based […]
Biodiversity of Chennai
Document here the biodiversity of Chennai and its outskirts! Submit data on all kinds of biodiversity from bi […]
Biodiversity of Krishnagiri
Krishnagiri Biodiversity Project: Engage in documenting local flora and fauna. A citizen-driven initiative fo […]
Bird Count India
Biodiversity conservation action requires information about the status of habitats and species. Even for bird […]
Butterflies of India
India—a megabiodiverse country—is host to a spectacular number of butterflies, many of them endemic. Butterfl […]
Charotar Crocodile Count
VNC’s Charotar Crocodile Count born in 2013 is designed to bring together a diverse set of participants and i […]
City Nature Challenge
The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document plants and wildlife in c […]
Coimbatore City Bird Atlas
Bird population studies are often carried out in biodiversity-rich areas and seldom in cities. Hence, to unde […]
Community-based fisheries monitoring (CBFM) in ...
Systematic data on various aspects of fisheries is vital for their sustainable management. Pole and line tuna […]
Croc Watch
The project relies on the participation of individuals to contribute to crocodiles' sightings and other infor […]
Dragonfly Festival
Spectacular & charismatic are two words that aptly describe Dragonflies and Damselflies. Odonates play an […]
FireflyWatch is a citizen science project aimed at mapping and monitoring fireflies of India. Fireflies are d […]
Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises of India
Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises of India (FTTI) is dedicated to the Indian freshwater turtles and tortoises […]
Frogwatch - Mapping the Malabar Tree Toad
The Western Ghats endemic Malabar Tree Toad (Pedostibes tuberculosus) is an endangered species. This project […]
Harrier Watch
Our project currently aims to monitor wintering populations of harriers at their regular roosting sites acros […]
Hornbill Watch
Hornbills are the 'farmers of the forest' as they disperse the seeds of many tropical trees and keep the fore […]
India Biodiversity Portal
India Biodiversity Portal is an initiative to establish a community owned, open, collaborative biodiversity i […]
Indian Turtle Conservation Action Network
India is a global biodiversity hotspot and home to 24 freshwater turtle, 5 tortoise and 5 marine turtle speci […]
Intertidal Biodiversity of Andhra Pradesh
We coordinate walks to educate citizens on intertidal life and also introduce them to inaturalist and our pro […]
Mammals of India
India—a megabiodiverse country—is host to a spectacular number of mammals, many of them endemic. Mammals of I […]
Mapping Invasive Alien Plants
NOTE: This project is temporarily inactive while it is being revamped and improved Species that are introduc […]
Marine Life of Mumbai
Marine Life of Mumbai (MLOM) aims to present to you the fascinating array of marine life right here on the bi […]
MigrantWatch engaged birdwatchers to understand arrival and departure dates of migratory birds to different r […]
Moths of India
India—a megabiodiverse country—is host to a spectacular number of moths, many of them endemic. Moths of India […]
Moths of Krishnagiri
The "Moths of Krishnagiri" project is a captivating citizen science initiative that aims to document and stud […]
National Moth Week-India Chapter
National Moth Week is a unique opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist and contribute scientific data about […]
Odonata of India
Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) are some of the most charismatic insects with an amphibious lifecycle. […]
Pongal Bird Count
The Pongal Bird Count, an initiative of the Tamil Birders Network, is an annual bird monitoring program for T […]
Reeflog is a citizen science program for scuba divers to survey marine ecosystems across India. The ocean is […]
Reptiles of India
Of the 600+ species of reptiles in India, about 50% of them endemic. Indian reptiles are relatively poorly st […]
SeasonWatch a citizen science project aimed at understanding seasonality of common tropical trees in India ov […]
UPL Sarus Conservation Project
United Phosphorus Limited Sarus Conservation Project was initiated in Gujarat in 2015, with the objective of […]
Wild Canids- India Project
Wild canids in India are among the most under-represented large mammal groups in terms of research and conser […]