CitSci India 2021

Past Public Sessions

Day 1

Keynote Talk: Engaging people in documenting and managing biodiversity

by Madhav Gadgil

Keynote Talk: Ethical Issues in Citizen Science

by Lisa Rasmussen
Rain Gauging – hyper local rainfall data generation – Peeyush Sekhsaria
Citizen Science Action – Protecting the Bawkhals – Debanjana Dey
KURMA: An expanding network for chelonian conservation and data collection in India – Sreeparna Dutta
Conservation of City Wetlands through Crowd Studying Odonates in the Marathwada Region, Maharashtra – Ameya Deshpande
Citizen science and decision making for conservation of livestock biodiversity in India – Debanjana Dey
The complex of cryptic species complexes: adapting to a changing landscape in citizen science – Arjun Kamdar
Spread the Word, Bird by Bird – Anandarup Bhadra

Day 2

Keynote Talk: The journey of Barefoot Ecologists – beyond numbers and information

by Barefoot Ecologists, Barefoot Ecology Program – Keystone Foundation

Working Group on Citizen Science Data: Considerations and Best Practices

by Balasubramanian Dhandapani, Geetha Ramaswami, Priya Singh,
Suneha Jagannathan, Thomas Vattakaven, Vijay Barve
Moderated by Pankaj Sekhsaria
Capacity building for bird monitoring in Thanamir, Nagaland – Kaushik Sarkar
Assessment of Scope and Relevance of Citizen Science in Indian Higher Education Institution – Shyam S. Phartyal
The use of eBird data for conservation in India – Swaroop Patankar
Prose and Poetry to Citizen Science- Being a Nature Enthusiast – Nishand Venugopal
Data Availability of Open Access Biodiversity Information’s in Kerala
– Manoj Karingamadathil
Improving the quality of big citizen science data: Learnings from eBird – Mittal Gala
AI-based Owl Call Recognition: A Pilot Project – Swaroop Nayak
Citizen Science and Science, Technology and Innovation: Need and case for a synergy – Krishna Ravi Srinivas

Day 3

Keynote Talk: What motivates a citizen scientist – Teacher and student experiences from around the country

by Teachers and Students of SeasonWatch
Promoting awareness of insects through the Insect Walk – To Know, Love & Conserve among citizens – Shubham Dhanraj Chhapekar
Being ‘Social’ for Citizen Science – Sayee Girdhari
How SeasonWatch popularized Citizen Science in Kerala – Muhammed Nizar K
Community Science and the Biodiversity Picture: Connecting People & Adding Resolution – Ramnarayan Kalyanaraman

Day 4

Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion in Citizen Science

by Kaberi Kar Gupta, Naveen Namboothri, P. Jegannathan, Prashanth NS, Sneha Dharwadkar
Moderated by Suhel Quader
Bird collisions with buildings in India: A synthesis of current knowledge – Peeyush Sekhsaria
Avi-fauna Data Collection in Madhya Pradesh thru Bird Surveys – Ajay Gadikar
Evidence of life stage and event specific responses of Danaus butterflies to rising temperatures – Vinayaka G. Hegde
An investigation into the spatio-temporal patterns of the Himalayan Vagrant butterfly – Paul Pop
A Malayalee Mango Mystery – Krishna Anujan
Citizen science as a tool to understand bird migration – Ashwin Viswanathan
The joy and tears of digitizing historical bird data – Maxim Rodrigues K
Reeflog – involving divers in citizen science – Suneha Jagannathan
Kerala Bird Atlas 2015-2020: aspects and outcomes – Ashish Jha
Emerging Moth-ers of Kerala through citizen science – Unnikrishnan MP
DiversityIndia: Observing India’s biodiversity for 20 years – Vijay Barve