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Sri Ranjni T,S
Mapping and monitoring fireflies of India

FireflyWatch is a citizen science project aimed at mapping and monitoring fireflies of India. Fireflies are declining world over with some of the major threats being loss of habitat, pesticide use and light pollution. Little effort have been taken in India to monitor firefly population, without which conservation efforts cannot be prioritized. FireflyWatch is a one page online form that collects information on firefly sightings. Anyone spotting fireflies can enter the details of what they saw along with the location data. This creates a map of firefly sightings from all across the country. Suitable habitats and hotspots can be identified and effort can be taken to protect those habitats. By using fireflies as a charismatic flagship group, FireflyWatch hopes to attract attention and conservation efforts towards the entire insect community.

Year of Initiation:
Project Coordinator:
Sri Ranjni T.S
E-mail Address:
Role in the project:
Project Coordinator
Institutional Affiliation:
ATREE, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
No. of participants:
100 - 500
Geographical spread of project:
Further information:
Records have been received from all across the country, covering most states
Purpose of the project:

Map the firefly populations across India and monitor changes over time to inform conservation efforts.

Coordinating institution/organisation:
Location of the coordinating institution/organisation(s):
Data availability:
Not generally available to others
Participation in language other than English:
Other languages allowed for participation:
The data collection form is bilingual, in English and Tamil.
Appropriate age groups of participants:
All age groups
Citizen participation through:
Other modes of participation:
Through a link to the data collection form.
Why should people participate:

Most of the insect community, along with the magical light emitting fireflies, are on a global decline.
Our combined effort is crucial to protect them and keep them from going extinct
Take a walk outside, find pockets of darkness and if you spot fireflies let us know through FireflyWatch. Together we can protect them and pass on their magic to our children and to their children.

Prior knowledge or expertise required:

Ability to read English or Tamil. Access to a smart phone or computer.