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Coimbatore City Bird Atlas

Bird population studies are often carried out in biodiversity-rich areas and seldom in cities. Hence, to understand the bird diversity, abundance and distribution in the various habitats of Coimbatore city we initiated three-year Citizen Science Project – Coimbatore City Bird Atlas (CCBA) from 2020.

Year of Initiation:
Project Coordinator:
Selvaganesh K and Arulvelan T
E-mail Address:
Role in the project:
Institutional Affiliation:
No. of participants:
100 - 500
Geographical spread of project:
Tamil Nadu
Further information:
Coimbatore City
Run through an umbrella platform:
Purpose of the project:

This citizen science project is aimed to understand the distribution and abundance of birds of the Coimbatore City through a systematic survey.

Coordinating institution/organisation:
SACON, Bird Count India
Location of the coordinating institution/organisation(s):
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Data availability:
Available upon request, without a fee
Participation in language other than English:
Appropriate age groups of participants:
Youth (15 - 21) yrs, Adults (21 yrs and above)
Citizen participation through:
Website, Mobile application
Why should people participate:

This would be a good opportunity to participate and contribute in a Citizen Science Project that aims to document the biodiversity (here birds) of this city.

Prior knowledge or expertise required:

Birders should be familiar with the birds found in and near Coimbatore City. They should be familiar with the usage of the eBird App, Locus mobile app as well. Prior training will be given before the survey. We are looking for Voluntary participation from interested birders.