Image credits:
Surya Raghavendar
Biodiversity of Krishnagiri

Krishnagiri Biodiversity Project: Engage in documenting local flora and fauna. A citizen-driven initiative fostering conservation awareness and safeguarding the region’s natural treasures. Join us in preserving biodiversity for a sustainable and greener future.

Year of Initiation:
Project Coordinator:
Surya Raghavendar
E-mail Address:
Role in the project:
Institutional Affiliation:
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society
All Taxa
No. of participants:
0 - 100
Geographical spread of project:
Tamil Nadu
Run through an umbrella platform:
Purpose of the project:

To document Krishnagiri’s biodiversity

Coordinating institution/organisation:
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society
Location of the coordinating institution/organisation(s):
Data availability:
Immediately available to anyone
Participation in language other than English:
Appropriate age groups of participants:
All age groups
Citizen participation through:
Website, Mobile application
Why should people participate:

Participating in our project offers a unique opportunity for individuals to actively contribute to the preservation of Krishnagiri’s diverse biodiversity. By joining us, you can help protect the region’s natural beauty, promote ecological awareness, and make a tangible impact on conservation efforts, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.

Prior knowledge or expertise required: