Image credits:
Surya Raghavendar
Moths of Krishnagiri

The “Moths of Krishnagiri” project is a captivating citizen science initiative that aims to document and study the diverse moth species in the Krishnagiri region. Through active participation from enthusiasts, the project seeks to create a comprehensive database of moth populations, aiding in conservation efforts and enhancing our understanding of the region’s biodiversity. Join us in this exciting venture to unveil the hidden wonders of Krishnagiri’s nocturnal realm.

Year of Initiation:
Project Coordinator:
Surya Raghavendar
E-mail Address:
Role in the project:
Institutional Affiliation:
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society
No. of participants:
0 - 100
Geographical spread of project:
Tamil Nadu
Further information:
Our project covers the Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu
Run through an umbrella platform:
Purpose of the project:

To document Krishnagiri’s moth biodiversity

Coordinating institution/organisation:
Kenneth Anderson Nature Society
Location of the coordinating institution/organisation(s):
Data availability:
Immediately available to anyone
Participation in language other than English:
Appropriate age groups of participants:
All age groups
Citizen participation through:
Website, Mobile application
Why should people participate:

Your contributions will directly contribute to the documentation and preservation of Krishnagiri’s moth species, enriching our knowledge of the local ecosystem. Whether you’re a curious individual, a passionate nature lover, or an aspiring scientist, your participation will help us unravel the mysteries of Krishnagiri’s moths and protect their habitats for future generations.

Prior knowledge or expertise required: